THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017, 9:00 AM


       I.            Proclamations/Presentations

    II.            Unfinished Business

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C129-2017 with AT&T for an additional two years of T1 circuit service from the Courthouse to the Expocentre at a cost of $310.00 and from the North Annex to the Hazardous Waste Facility at a cost of $460.00 per month with funding provided by the departments utilizing the circuits—Information Technology.

 III.            Consent Agenda

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C137-2017 amending Contract C275-2016 with US Bank to add fax capabilities to two copier machines leased through Century Business Technologies at an additional cost of $317.52 annually to be split between the Parks and Recreation Department’s and the Department of Corrections’ budgets—Audit Finance.

2.       Consider approval of request from Charles Hydovitz on behalf of Michelle Eagleman to use the Courthouse for a group of home schooled debate teams for Mock Trials to be held on May 13, 2017 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm—Court Administration.

3.       Consider approval of a grant application for a competitive Title II Formula Grant from the Kansas Dept. of Corrections and the Kansas Advisory Group that is being offered to districts that focus on Alternatives to Detention Initiatives—Community Corrections

4.       Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment regarding a proposed Kansas Water Pollution Control Permit for the Topeka Oakland Wastewater Treatment Plant.

5.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C138-2017 with Shelby Zink and Jacob Pletcher and SMG for rental of Heritage Hall for a wedding reception to be held June 30, 2018.

 IV.            New Business

A.    COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck

1.       Consider all voucher payments.

2.       Consider correction orders.

B.     COURT ADMINISTRATION – Chuck Hydovitz

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C139-2017 with Jury Systems, Inc. for maintenance for Jury software for 3 years at a total cost of $3,660.00. 

C.     COUNSELOR—Jim Crowl

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C140-2017 with Midland Care Connection, Inc., to amend Contract C429-2016, Paragraph 9, allowing Midland Care Connection to retain ownership of mattresses and chair beds purchased with the 2017 $20,000.00 funding from the County.

2.       Consider approval of Resolution No. 2017-17 decreasing the number of fire board members of Shawnee County Fire District No. 4 from seven to five—Commissioner Buhler.




1.       Consider approval to fill the vacant Assistant Network Administrator position at a higher compensation rate of $67,431.44, including benefits.

E.      CORRECTIONS—Brian Cole

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C141-2017 with TimeKeeping Systems, Inc. for annual maintenance of the Guard1 Plus Server System which is used to record and document the cell checks, various offender activities or demeanors when on suicide watch and also the security rounds made by security staff at a cost of $1,310.00 with funding from the 2017 operational budget.

F.      PUBLIC WORKS—Tom Vlach

1.       Consider approval of request to award bid to Hamm, Inc. for the purchase of 16,000 tons of hot mix asphalt at an estimated cost of $654,400.00 for asphalt overlay on several miles of county roadways with funding from the 2017 Public Works road maintenance fund, special bridge fund, special highway fund and Monmouth and Grove Township’s roadway fund. 

    V.            Administrative Communications

 VI.            Executive Sessions