mONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017, 9:00 AM


       I.            Proclamations/Presentations

1.       Quarterly report on Valeo—Bill Persinger, CEO.

    II.            Unfinished Business

 III.            Consent Agenda

1.       Acknowledge receipt of the Compliance Certification Report for March 2017 for AMR from the Ambulance Compliance Officer—Emergency Management.

2.       Consider approval of an emergency vehicle permit for First Call of Kansas, Inc., Robert Freeman, Jr., owner, for funeral escort services and Cody Satterwhite, for fire and medical response for Shawnee County and Fire District #4, Dover.

3.       Consider approval of request to pay invoices from the Diversion Fund account in a total amount of $6,797.70—District Attorney.

4.       Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from Cox Cable regarding a channel change.

5.       Consider approval of a grant application for a competitive Title II Formula Grant from the Kansas Dept. of Corrections and the Kansas Advisory Group that is being offered to districts that focus on data driven, outcome based approaches to system reforms that focus on ATD and/or DMC initiatives--Corrections.

6.       Consider approval of designation of Susan McGhee as an additional County Representative for each Trust Agreement and related financing documents arising out of and related to the Certificates of Participation, Series 2010, Series 2012, Series 2014-A, Series 2014-B and Series 2015—Audit Finance.

 IV.            New Business

A.    COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck

1.       Consider all voucher payments.

2.       Consider correction orders.

B.     PARKS +RECREATION – John Knight

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C132-2017 with the City of Topeka for treatment of noxious weeds with a cost recovery rate of 100 percent.

2.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C133-2017 with the Greater Topeka Rowing Development Association to allow them to utilize the facilities and Lake Shawnee as the host site for the 2017 Spring Regatta scheduled for April 29, 2017 with a fee of $700.00 payable to Parks + Recreation and the Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Foundation along with in-kind services to offset operational expenses.

3.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C134-2017 with the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka for the management of additional youth development program services in a portion of the Velma K. Paris Community Center at a cost of $1,900.00 per month for the initial term which continues through December of 2019.



4.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C135-2017 with KONA for concessions sales at the aquatic facilities and special events at a cost of 20 percent gross sales (minus applicable taxes) to the Building Maintenance Fund.


1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C136-2017 with Bartlett & West for construction engineering services for the Main Sewer District #92, Lateral #4 in the Timber Ridge Subdivision project at a cost of $11,200.00 with costs paid by Dultmeier Homes.


1.       Consider approval of Resolution No. 2017-16 adopting Policies and Procedures for First Responder Grant Funding—Commissioner Archer.

    V.            Administrative Communications

 VI.            Executive Sessions