mONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017, 9:00 AM


       I.            Proclamations/Presentations

    II.            Unfinished Business

1.       Consider approval of the schedule of fees for use of Parks + Recreation facilities and participation in department sponsored activities—Parks + Recreation.

 III.            Consent Agenda

1.       Acknowledge receipt of the public notice of the Ambulance Advisory Board meetings for May 24, July 26 and October 25, 2017 and approved minutes of the January 25th meeting.

2.       Consider approval of request for payment of invoices in the amount of $797.17 from the Diversion Fund account—District Attorney.

3.       Acknowledge receipt of travel report regarding the Tuberculosis Nurse Case Management training held March 7-9, 2017—Health Agency.

 IV.            New Business

A.    COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck

1.       Consider all voucher payments.

2.       Consider correction orders.

3.       Consider approval of the annual renewal of the MHI Topeka LP tax exemption for 2017.

B.     PARKS +             RECREATION – John Knight

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C117-2017 with Technical Application & Consulting, LLC to provide services of aerial mapping and orthomosiac production at two locations with a cost of $4,991.00 available from the Parks + Recreation Administration budget and West Lawn Memorial Gardens fund.

2.       Consider approval of request to solicit Requests for Qualifications for design services for the realignment and/or reconfiguration of the Lake Shawnee Trail along SE 45th Street with funding from the Lake Shawnee Trail Fund that has a current balance of $605,000.00.

3.       Consider approval of an updated Emergency Action Plan for the Lake Shawnee Dam.


1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C118-2017 with Professional Fire Alarm Systems for 24 hour fire alarm monitoring at the Shawnee County Elections Office at an annual cost of $365.00 and funded from the 2017 Elections Office Budget.


1.       Consider approval of the disbursement of $288,000.00 to GraceMed to establish a community health center facility at 1400 SW Huntoon Street.

    V.            Administrative Communications

 VI.            Executive Sessions