THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2017, 9:00 AM


       I.            Proclamations/Presentations

1.       Presentation of report on inter-city visit to Des Moines, Iowa—Curtis Sneden, Chamber of Commerce.

2.       Presentation on K-State Research & Extension Council programming—Susan Fangman, Shawnee County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent and Leroy Russell, Agriculture and National Resources Agent.

    II.            Unfinished Business

 III.            Consent Agenda

1.       Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from Cox Cable regarding price changes effective February 7th.

2.       Acknowledge receipt of correspondence from Cox Cable regarding channel changes effective February 8th.

3.       Acknowledge receipt of the January 25th, 2017 Kansas Expocentre Advisory Board agenda and minutes of the December 21st meeting.

4.       Acknowledge receipt and consider approval of the County Commission meeting minutes of November 3, 7, 10, 14, and 28, 2016—County Clerk.

5.       Acknowledge receipt of Summons in Case No. 2016CV000920—US Bank National Association as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust vs. Board of County Commissioners, Shawnee County, Kansas; Case No. 2016CV000959—Matrix Financial Services Corporation vs. Board of County Commissioners, Shawnee County, Kansas; and Case No. 2016CV000905—Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. vs. Board of County Commissioners, Shawnee County, Kansas—County Clerk.

 IV.            New Business

A.    COUNTY CLERK – Cynthia Beck

1.       Consider all voucher payments.

2.       Consider correction orders.

3.       Consider approval of Resolution No. 2017-4 authorizing a cereal malt beverage license, including Sunday sales, to Glory Days Pizza located at 4745 NW Hunters Ridge Circle—Commissioner Archer.

B.      HEALTH DEPARTMENT—Allison Alejos

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C13-2017 with Kansas Integrated Public Health System Inc. for the annual maintenance of the data management and billing software system at a cost of $7,060.13 paid from the 2017 budget.

2.       Consider approval of request to issue a smart phone to a Breast Feeding Peer Counselor working in the WIC Program at a cost of $35.80 per month and paid entirely by the WIC grant.



C.     CORRECTIONS—Brian Cole

1.       Consider approval of request for out-of-state travel for three employees to attend the International Conference of Positive Behavior Supports at a cost of $2,726.00 from the 2017 budget.

D.     PARKS + RECREATION—John Knight

1.       Consider authorization and execution of Contract C14-2017 with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers to allow the department to utilize music during programs at sport complexes, aquatic facilities, community centers and concerts at a cost of $1,772.00 paid by the 2017 Parks + Recreation operating budget.

E.     SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Sheriff  Jones

1.       Acknowledge receipt of Contract C15-2017 with Leads Online for a select search investigation system service package at a cost of $13,381.20 for the period of March 15, 2017 to March 14, 2019, from the State Forfeiture account.


1.       Consider appointments of the Topeka Township Clerk and the Silver Lake Township Trustee and consider extension of the deadline for receipt of applications for the Auburn Township Trustee position.

2.       Reflect appointment of Judy Moler to the Shawnee County Planning Commission--Commissioner Buhler.

3.       Reflect  appointment of Bill Beach to the Expocentre Advisory Board—Commissioner Buhler

    V.            Administrative Communications

 VI.            Executive Sessions